Children’s Entertainment Types At Flying Squirrel

For children, as well as adults, it is good to be well-rounded. This applies to children’s entertainment as well.

Most people will think that this is where we list the attractions we offer that provide a variety of challenges and entertaining obstacles for your child to overcome. Playtime comes in different varieties, and you can experience most, if not all, of these at Flying Squirrel Cranberry!

Physical Entertainment

Physical entertainment obviously includes sports like football, wrestling, track, basketball, and soccer. Dancing, bowling, ice skating and more are all great things your kids can do to entertain themselves while learning a skill. At Flying Squirrel, we do have basketball, dodgeball, and other physical games that your child can play, but trampolines, climbing ropes, and swings are all physically demanding as well! It is important for exercise, and if they can do it while being entertained, we see that as a win!

Social Entertainment

Your kids go to school, church, and various events throughout the year with family and friends where they can interact with other people and learn how to communicate, cooperate, share, and put social skills to practice. At school, they have friends, but it is easier to interact with the same people every day when they get the hang of it.

If you have taken your children to a playground, an arcade, or a ball game, you may see your child and other parents’ children interacting. This interaction with new kids can help them learn new words and conversation styles. They can also gain a better grasp of reading different human facial emotions and experiencing the joy of a new acquaintance with common interests.

Constructive Entertainment

Constructive play makes kids use finer motor skills and flexes their mental muscles a bit. Constructive play is important for your child’s development. Legos, art, and video games that require creativity, such as Minecraft. Your child’s school may do a lot in the way of constructive entertainment, depending on their age. Writing stories in English class, and working on a painting or model in art class can all give your children constructive entertainment.

Fantasy Entertainment

This type of entertainment helps your child use their imagination. If your child acts out their favorite movies, imagines they are a superhero on the playground, or reads a book, they are forming visuals in their mind to help immerse themselves in the setting they are making believe they are in. The more they do this, the easier the mental visuals are. Using this part of their brain helps them with constructive entertainment as well since their imagination fuels the things they create!

Structured Entertainment

Just as the freedom to imagine is important for your child so is structured entertainment. Some simple games only have as little as one rule. Some have many! It is good for a child to see that entertainment still has its limitations. An example of this could be following the limit of people permitted inside the inflatable park at Flying Squirrel or playing a game of checkers and only performing acceptable moves.

Entertainment For Children At Flying Squirrel

We have many forms of entertainment at Flying Squirrel. We encourage children to come to have safe fun exercising, building relationships, and letting their imaginations run wild. Join us in Cranberry this week!