Indoor Trampoline Parks Are The Best Entertainment For Kids

Kids are in constant need of entertainment, and as with adults these days, free time is often spent in front of a screen. Taking your kids to an indoor trampoline park like Flying Squirrel Cranberry can be the best thing to get you and your kids out of the house, socialize with other jumpers, get your blood pumping, and have some fun along the way! Here are some of the entertaining activities you can experience at Flying Squirrel!

Entertaining Attractions For Kids At Flying Squirrel

Flying Squirrel Cranberry has invested heavily into attractions to entertain kids of all ages. While trampolines are the main event, they are just a part of the fun that we offer at Flying Squirrel!

Inflatable Park 

The inflata-park at Flying Squirrel provides yet another place to jump, as well as slides, ladders, and ramps! While our trampolines are safe, the inflata-park takes this up a notch for the younger participants. Every time your kids jump through the air and experience the brief moment of weightlessness and adrenaline, they land on a soft cushion of air!

Foam Pits

The foam pits are all about big air and untethered landings! When your kids are jumping on one of our many trampolines they can reach new heights and then ready themselves for the landing right before pushing off again to the next step in their adventures! 

What if your kids could jump, swing, or practice their moves without fear of the ground below? The foam pits do just that. Fly through the air, bust a move, relax, land in a sea of soft foamy cushions, and say no to the negative side of gravity!

Foam pits are sure to enhance the entertainment for your kids for as long as they are here! They will likely be pestering you to come back!

Battle Beams

The battle beams are surrounded by a foam pit as well! Your kids can test their balance skills without the fear of falling, or make falling the goal by kicking it up a notch with a friendly battle! Once they pick up a foam lance, take a stance… may the best challenger win! The loser doesn’t even lose since they get to take a tumble in the foam pit!

Flying Squirrel has many more attractions for kids to swing on, jump on, climb on, and more! Check out our attractions page for more pictures or call us for more information! 

Events At Flying Squirrel Are Great Entertainment For Kids

Flying Squirrel Cranberry holds regular events and fun activities to make our facility as entertaining for your kids as possible!

All You Can Jump Trampoline Park Entertainment

Join us Fridays and Saturdays every week for our “All You Can Jump” events! These events enable your kids to jump for four whole hours for just $15! All you can jump provides you with maximum fun for minimum funds! 

Kids love jumping with the end of the fun as far from sight as the ground is below their feet as they soar through the air! Add some energetic music, and some neon lights and the fun only increases! Your kids will make new friends, as well as memories that will last!

Toddler Time Is Great Entertainment For Little Kids

Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10 AM to 8 pm are all about our younger jumpers ages 6 and below! Bring your toddlers out during this time slot to jump on our trampolines without older jumpers intruding! 

In order for you to be able to keep a close eye on your toddlers, we even let one parent jump for free! This only costs $10.99 and is great fun for your toddler! They can get into the groove and learn to jump comfortably at their own pace, under your watchful eye.

Trampoline Park Summer Camps

As the months get warmer, you may think that trampoline parks do not have as much going on. With Flying Squirrel Trampoline Park this is not the case! We have had some amazing summer camps over the years, and 2022 will be no exception. Our summer camps are awesome entertainment for kids starting at 5 years of age!

Starting in June, we will have four summer camps featuring open jump, crafts, games, lunch, and snacks for a period of four days at a time! Special pricing is available so you will not want to miss out! Sign your kids up on our website by selecting the first day of the camp you want to attend!

Holidays and Themed Events

Flying Squirrel Cranberry hosts themed events as well! These are announced in advance on our website and Facebook! We have themes centered around themes like princesses, superheroes, and more! Take on Iron man on the battle beams,

If you want to come out and jump for the Holidays, we have Easter Egg Hunts, Christmas parties, and more entertainment for kids! Our themed events have things like crafts, special guests, and themed activities. 

We also do 5v5 game nights featuring games like basketball, dodgeball, red rover, Connect-4 relay, and more on Monday nights!

Birthday Party Entertainment For Kids

Host your kids birthday party at Flying Squirrel Cranberry! Figure out how many of your child’s friends will be invited to jump at the party, get the appropriate package and we take care of the rest! No need to set up, clean up or make any food! We have a cafe right in our trampoline park, and a certain amount of food and beverages is included with your party package! Learn more on our kids birthday parties page! 

There are so many awesome things happening at Flying Squirrel Cranberry. Bring your kids, bring family members and friends for a great time they will not soon forget! 

Be sure to follow us on Facebook, and check our website out regularly for our events! There is always some form of entertainment for kids at our Facility, and we love any excuse to have a party. We look forward to seeing you!