Trampoline Summer Camp 2023 At Flying Squirrel!

Looking for something exciting for the kids to do this summer? Join us for Summer Camp at Flying Squirrel Cranberry! This fun event, hosted from June 5th through the 8th, will include games, crafts, and more to make the summer one to remember. 

From open jumps and crafts to games, snacks, and more, there is something for everyone to enjoy this summer. We encourage your kids to bring friends! The more, the merrier! Kids and their families always love a good jump on the trampolines or inflatables or even a tumble in the foam pits on a regular day. Events at Flying Squirrel Cranberry add yet another level of excitement. Learn more about summer camp, and don’t hesitate to call us today with more questions!

What Type of Crafts Will Be Available at Summer Camp?

At Flying Squirrel Cranberry, we will supply crafts for kids of all genders and ages. The arts and crafts for each group will depend on the kids and the counselors. We are dedicated to meeting the needs of the young ones in our entertainment community!

In the past, we have made squishes, stress balls, lava lamps, painted rocks, and have held sidewalk chalk art competitions and more! We also have a tie-dye day where we will tie-dye Flying Squirrel t-shirts with the kids. Each kid will take a shirt home as a souvenir of a fun day and, hopefully, join us the following year for more fun!

What Type of Activities Will There Be at Summer Camp?

The kids will have the opportunity to play games on the trampolines, such as relay races, obstacles, basketball, dodgeball, balloon party, etc. We will also offer open jump time, where the kids can enjoy the trampoline park on their terms when the festivities are not going on. 

Will Food be Provided at Summer Camp?

The kids can bring a packed lunch from home or buy lunch from our concession stand. We offer mini pizzas, nachos, soft pretzels, Icee, and more to fill their stomachs and keep them going for more fun! Additionally, we have a special celebration on the last day of our trampoline park summer camp with popsicles and slushies to help them cool off after a busy day of fun.

Contact Flying Squirrel Cranberry Today to Learn More! 

Summer Camp is a fun-filled event for kids of all ages and is held from 10 am-3 pm from June 5th-8th.  To purchase tickets and learn more about this event! Contact our team today with any questions; we’re happy to help and look forward to keeping you and your kids entertained!