What To Wear To An Indoor Trampoline Park?

If you’re planning to visit a trampoline park near you, the question, “What should I wear?” is a good one to ask before you go. Obviously, you want to be comfortable and wear clothing that you can move around and jump in, but here are some specific guidelines for what to wear and what to avoid wearing for the ultimate trampoline park experience. 

What Kind of Shirt Should I Wear To A Trampoline Park?

Don’t: Wear baggy or strapless shirts. Oversize shirts will fly up when you jump unless they are securely tucked in. Strapless shirts are easily pulled down and put you at risk of an embarrassing moment. Neither style is a secure choice for the activity of a trampoline park. 

Do: Choose a tightly fitting shirt that will stay in place. Most exercise tops are form-fitting and designed for lots of movement, so you won’t have to worry about readjusting while you’re having fun. 

What Pants Should I Wear To A Trampoline Park?

Don’t: Wear jeans or pants made of stiff material. Fabric that doesn’t give and stretch will restrict your range of motion and make jumping difficult.

Skirts are also not ideal. They expose skin and fly up when you jump. Additionally, shorts are not a great choice because they leave your legs susceptible to trampoline burn. 

Do: Choose tight-fitting pants, like yoga pants or leggings. These items will protect your legs while allowing you to move freely and enjoy your jump time. 

What Sort Of Foot Wear Should I Have At A Trampoline Park?

Don’t: Wear shoes or regular socks on the trampoline. Shoes will soil the trampoline area and are an injury risk to you and other jumpers. Socks and trampoline mats are not friends. Wearing regular socks while jumping will likely result in slipping, falling, and injury. 

Do: Jump in bare feet or wear jump socks. At Flying Squirrel Trampoline Park, visitors are required to wear jump socks that can be purchased for $3.00 and worn over and over again. The bottoms of these special socks have rubber grips that keep jumpers from slipping while ensuring a clean jump area. 

What Should I Avoid Bringing To A Trampoline Park?

Don’t: Wear dangling jewelry such as necklaces, earrings, and bracelets to the trampoline park. These items can easily get caught, pulled off, and broken, and this may result in injury. It’s best to leave these items at home and avoid the risk they pose.

Do: Wear the paper wristband provided at check-in so that jump attendants can see you’re a paying customer. Tie back long hair so that it is out of your face during jump time. 

At Flying Squirrel Trampoline Park, we want you to have the best and safest experience possible. Following these attire guidelines will make your time at our park fun and carefree.

What To Wear To An Indoor Trampoline Park?

A quick answer for those who wish to skim the article is featured below.

When going to an indoor trampoline park, the ideal outfit you should wear is:

  • Tightly fitting shirt
  • Tight fitting pants
  • Gripping Jump socks you bring with you, or purchase at the trampoline park
  • No Dangling Jewelry

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