Enter any one of our world-class indoor trampoline fun parks and your family will be entertained for hours. Take a look at the many fun attractions we offer at Flying Squirrel below. We are not just your run-of-the-mill trampoline park -- we are the World's Largest Indoor FUN Park! From Dodgeball to Kiddie Courts, we have fun activities and experiences for all ages. Our children's amusement center's many great attractions are also a great place for your kid's birthday parties Come fly with us and see how high you can soar!


The Inflatapark at Flying Squirrel Erie is our latest attraction. This attraction allows another fun way for your kids to put more air between them and the floor! With a series of obstacles and slides, ramps, and more, this massibe indoor inflatable "bounce house" is the next chapter in jumping entertainment! See who can make it through this inflatable obstacle course faster!


Want to try something other than the inflatable, check out these other attractions!

inflatable Park at Flying Squirrel
Kiddie Court Trampoline Park

Kiddie Court

The Kiddie Court is a great way for the little jumpers to have fun with trampoline park goers closer to their own age. Your kids can enjoy trampolines on an incline as well as regular flat surface jumping!


Your younger children can jump to their heart's content!  Just because it is for little jumpers doesn't mean they won't have big fun! Come visit us today at Flying Squirrel In Erie!

Main Trampoline Court

Our Main trampoline court enables jumpers to jump from trampoline to trampoline as high as they possibly can! All jumpers should get ready for a boost of adrenaline as they jump to their heart's content and soar across our whole indoor trampoline park!


Too cold outside? Too hot outside? Come jump with us indoors to energizing music in our climate-controlled indoor trampoline park!

Main Trampoline Court
Ninja Warrior Course

Ninja Obstacle Course

Not only does our inflatable park have obstacles for your kids to enjoy, but so does our Ninja Obstacle course.


Park goers can climb nets, jump across different obstacles, including balance beams, and more! Your kids can pretend they are on the show and hone their skills through friendly competitions with their playmates!

Climbing Wall

There is more than just one way to stay off the ground at Flying Squirrel! Jumpers in need of a bit of a change in activities can pretend the padded floor below is lava and find the best foothold on our climbing walls of varying difficulty.

Are your kids up to the challenge? Are you? Come enjoy our climbing walls today!

climbing wall at flying squirrel trampoline park
Simulated Surboard

Simulated Surboard

Take on huge waves on our simulated surfboard. Two advantages our attraction has over an actual surfboard are safety, and the ability to stay dry while improving your balance, and imagination!

Trampoline Basketball Court

Feeling a game of basketball? Want to jump as high as the pros and dunk like the pros? Enjoy a game of half-court basketball at Flying Squirrel Trampoline park!


Take on your friends, and experience basketball on a whole new level!

Foam Pits at Flying Squirrel Erie

Foam Pitts

Launch yourself into the air from our trampolines and land in the safety of the foam pits below! Perfect all your flips and tricks with your friends and test your limits!  Overcome your fear of flying with the foam pits at Flying Squirrel Erie!

Arcade Games

If you and your kids want to continue the high-octane fun while exerting a little less energy, stop by our arcade! Experience shooting games, boxing games, win prizes in our claw machines and more! Something for everyone at Flying Squirrel Erie!


operating hours

Monday: Open Jump 10am-8pm
Tuesday: Open Jump 10am-8pm
Wednesday: Open Jump 4pm-8pm
Thursday: Open Jump 4pm-8pm
Friday: Open Jump 4pm-10pm
Saturday: Open Jump 10am-10pm
Sunday: Open Jump 10am-8pm
Toddler Time Pricing
Monday and Tuesday 10am-2pm


Flying Squirrel Trampoline Park is a Family Fun Center in Erie Pennsylvania with plenty of activities and attractions for all ages! We have child friendly areas, and safety is our top priority!