Great Games For Your Kids Birthday Party

If you’re hosting a kids’ birthday party, you’re probably thinking about what games and activities would be fun for all your guests. There are so many games ideas to choose from, but some may be more popular and age-appropriate than others. Here are some tried and true kids birthday party games and activities to consider:


A classic party attraction, the piñata full of treats invites each guest to take a few swats with a plastic bat to see who can break it open, releasing a flood of candy and prizes for eager kids who rush to scoop up the goodies. You’ll need a couple of adults to regulate this game and keep kids safely away from the guest who is swinging the bat. With candy at stake, this is sure to be a winning party game for kids.

Pin the Tail on the Donkey

It doesn’t have to be a donkey, but this classic party game is tons of fun for participants and observers. One at a time, a child is blindfolded and spun around several times before attempting to place the tail in the right spot on the donkey. Whoever gets the closest placement wins a prize. 


Children line up and take turns ducking under a party streamer or string held out by two adults. Once all children pass under, the string gets lower. If someone touches the ground or string with their hands or body, they’re out. The last person left is the winner. 

Egg Toss

You’ll want to use hard boiled eggs for this game unless you want an eggy mess all over your floors! Guests pair up and toss the egg back and forth to each other. Each time both of the players catch the egg, they must take one step backwards to spread the distance between them.

The pair with the greatest separation at the end of the game wins. This may also not be the greatest option for an indoor trampoline park, but a great game for a kids birthday party nonetheless.

Balloon Relay Race

Divide your guests into two teams and then divide each team on opposite sides of the party space facing each other. Each team gets a balloon and they must make it to the opposite side and pass the balloon off to the waiting teammate. You can use many variations of this game to keep it interesting. Have kids hop with the balloon between their legs or ankles or tuck it under their chin instead of just carrying it in their hands. 

Duck Duck Goose

Participants sit cross-legged in a circle facing each other. One participant, the “goose,” walks around the outside of the circle gently tapping each player’s head as they walk. Each time they touch a head, they say “duck,” until they decide to say, “goose” as they tap one player’s head.

That player must then jump up and chase the “goose” around the circle. If the “goose” makes it back to the spot where the chaser was sitting before the chaser tags them, then the chaser becomes the “goose.” If the chaser tags the “goose,” then the “goose” has to sit in the center of the circle and miss out on one turn. 

Wheelbarrow Race

Teams of two pair up. One person balances on their hands while the second teammate holds the balancer’s feet. Working together, each pair “walks” out to a designated line and turns around and heads back to the starting line. The first team back to the start line wins. 

Pass the Present

Wrap up a prize in many layers of paper. Players sit in a circle and pass the present around while the music plays. When the music stops, the person holding the present removes one layer of paper. Keep doing this until the last layer is removed and the prize is revealed. 

Musical Chairs

All you need are enough chairs and some music. Set up one less chair than the number of guests playing the game. Place chairs in a circle, seats facing outward, with guests standing outside the chairs. When you start the music, all guests walk in a circle around the chairs.

When you stop the music, everyone quickly sits down in a chair, but one person will be left standing. That person is out, and one chair gets removed from the circle. Continue until one chair and two people are left. The person who gets the seat when the music stops is the winner. 

Treasure Hunt

Hide small treats or prizes around the room or in the yard for kids to find. You could hide tokens or tickets to be redeemed for prizes if you want to change it up a bit. Kids should have a bag or basket to collect their items as they search. 

Kids Birthday Party Space At Flying Squirrel

When you host a kids birthday party at Flying Squirrel Trampoline Park, you’ll enjoy your own private party room with plenty of space for most of these games. Some of them, like the balloon relay race, wheelbarrow race, and duck duck goose, can even be played on the trampolines for a unique twist.

Our entire facility can be bought out for parties of 20-300 people as well, allowing you and your guests to have the entire facility to yourselves for a jumping, climbing, dunking, game playing celebration! Visit our website or give us a call for more information on party booking.