Outside The Box Kids Birthday Party Ideas

Every year when your child’s birthday party comes around, you are faced with a decision. What are we going to do for their birthday party? Like many people, you may have a gathering with family or friends at your house or even a venue where you can eat and chat, and play games. Someplace like a pavilion at a park, or a VFW building. You can play a variety of birthday party games at these places. But you have to come up and with and organize them. If you are going to put time into organizing games, why not put time into a different sort of party for your kids? Let’s think outside the box and come up with some birthday party ideas that would not be the first to come to mind.

Cake Baking With Your Child and Their Birthday Party Guests

If you have a group that would be willing to get down and dirty, have the kids make their own personal-sized cakes! Have the ingredients ready to decrease the variety of errors to streamline this birthday party project. If you have toddlers, it may help to pre-measure everything. Make sure to have decorations so they can make the cake their own! Once it’s done in the oven, they can proudly show off their baking skills to all of their friends at the party. The last part will be the candles! On the cake, your child made themselves, put the appropriate amount of candles and they can blow them out like they normally would, but with no germs on the pieces of cake that were for other people. Not only that, but your child will learn some valuable cooking skills while having fun!

Vacation Rental Home

There are a few companies with apps out there that connect travelers with homeowners who are renting a house out for a short period of time. You don’t even have to go far. Find a property somewhere that has a nice backyard, or an interesting feature inside, or even a unique property like a tiny home! Your child will love the new experience for their birthday party. Be sure to respect the homeowner’s rules and not have more people than are permitted in the home. There are homes listed in many areas that can accommodate 7 or 8 people. You just have to look. Small family gatherings in an interesting home can be a great way to shake up your child’s birthday party!

Birthday Parties At Flying Squirrel Erie

If you don’t want to think too far outside the box, but want something different than the typical trip to the zoo, park, or cookout in your own backyard, consider having a birthday party for your children at our indoor trampoline park! While we are probably not the first thought that comes to everyone’s mind for a kid’s birthday party, we certainly hope we are the last place you consider and join at our facility! We have attractions for all ages, and we often add more!

Check out the many forms of entertainment for kids that we have at our park, like the main trampoline court or the inflatable park! We also have air court basketball, foam pits, and more! That should take care of the entertainment for your kid’s birthday party! They won’t want to leave! We also offer pizza for guests, as well as a cake that your child can blow the candles out from the comfort of one of our birthday party rooms!

Want to learn more? Give us a call and book your kids birthday party today!