Visiting an Indoor Trampoline Park in the Summer

As the last few weeks of summer vacation wrap up, you may be wondering how to entertain your children and make memories that last. Everyone loves to enjoy the outdoors in the summertime, but even the pool, the park, and the baseball fields can get old after a while. Something new and exciting to mix it up is a visit to an indoor playground or trampoline park like Flying Squirrel.

Why Play Inside During Summer?

Break from Heat
You and your kids have been playing outside for most of the summer, and some days you all need a break from the blistering heat. Visiting a trampoline park is a great way to escape the heat while still getting plenty of fun-filled exercise. The music and energy inside our air-conditioned building is the perfect way to entertain your kids away from the heat while making sure they expend all that extra energy!

Something New to Do

Summer activities can get boring after a while. Going to the pool loses its luster, and you can only play at the park so many times before it isn’t a special activity anymore. Try something that you haven’t done for a while. Take everyone to the trampoline park to add variety to the days, and no one will whine about being bored!


Planning an outdoor activity for the day can be tough if the weather gets in the way. If you find yourself unsure about what the weather holds, settle on an indoor activity like the trampoline park. You won’t have to worry about rescheduling or delaying your fun because of thunderstorms or rain. Flying Squirrel is open rain or shine, and there’s always plenty of fun to be had!

Something for Everyone

The cool thing about Flying Squirrel Indoor Trampoline Park is that our facility offers something for visitors of all ages. As long as you can walk, we’ve got attractions for you! Our Foam Pits and Indoor Inflatable Park are great for little ones. The Battle Beams, Dunk Hoops, and Dodgeball Courts provide school-aged children and adults with competitive fun. The Ninja Course and open jumping area are fun for all ages and abilities. No matter how old or young, you and your children will find that the attractions at Flying Squirrel provide a unique, challenging, and fun environment that entertains everyone. You may even want to have a kids birthday party at our location!

Plan your next adventure at Flying Squirrel Indoor Trampoline Park! We can’t wait to help you make those special summer memories!