When is the Best Time to Visit a Trampoline Park?

Trampoline parks are great places for people of all ages! Flying Squirrel Erie, we offer a variety of time slots for different individuals, such as toddler time, to meet your needs. We’ve outlined our best times to come to enjoy the trampoline park based on your needs! 

If You Have Toddlers

If you intend to take toddlers to the trampoline park, the best time would be during our Toddler Time. Join us for Toddler Time Pricing Tuesday and Thursday! Special $10.99 pricing for jumpers six and younger for two hours is valid for purchase between 10 am-8 pm.

If You Want to Jump For a Long Time

If your kids would like to enjoy the trampoline park for an extended amount of time, we recommend visiting us on Fridays or Saturdays. For just $20, your children can jump to their hearts content or until they physically can’t keep going from 6 pm to 10 pm. We also have plenty of food and drinks available at our cafe to fuel continuous jumping. Please encourage your kids to enjoy food responsibly, or an upset stomach may cause their unlimited jump to end more abruptly than they would desire!

If You Want To Jump It Up A Notch

Want to add some fun and excitement to your day? When our all you can jump option is active, we have music and lights! If you just want to experience the high-energy music for a shorter amount of time, you can enjoy an hour or so of energy and adrenaline! If you are looking for more of a sprint instead of a marathon, this is the option for you! We can’t wait for you to experience our trampoline park, no matter how long you decide to stay!

If You are Celebrating Your Kid’s Birthday Party

If you are planning a birthday celebration, you can book your kid’s party with us! Our parties can be booked with one of our packages which include things like pizza, plate, tablecloth, a reserved party room, and more! 

We recommend booking your party as soon as you can because our birthday parties tend to book fast. Be sure to book as close to the date as you can get and with as much notice as you can. Knowing your birthday plan ahead of time will give you a chance to budget, send out invitations, and even amend your plan. While we are flexible, having some notice makes it easier for us, as well as you! 

If You Want the Place All to Yourself

Jumping on a trampoline and taking advantage of our many attractions is a lot of fun! Some children are not as social, and it can be overwhelming for them to be around a lot of people. Additionally, maybe you have a strict schedule, and want to maximize jump time to enjoy non stop fun with zero wait time.

Times Each Day Our Park Is Relatively Less Busy

Relatively speaking, weekdays in general, as you can imagine, are not as busy, so we will list the least busy times on that particular day, again relatively speaking. We are a popular venue for children’s entertainment, and each day is a new adventure.

Wednesday, Thurseday and Friday, we currently open at 4pm and close at 8, with the exception of Friday, where we close at 10pm. You can check our business listing for popular times or call in and ask!

At the time this article is being written, our least busy times on each day are:

  • Monday: 10am, and 5pm to close
  • Tuesday: 10am, and 2pm through 3pm.
  • Wednesday & Thurseday: 4pm and 7pm
  • Friday: 4pm, 5pm, and 9pm
  • Saturday: 10am, 11am, 8pm, 9pm
  • Sunday: 10am, 6pm, 7pm

Buy Out Our Facility For A Whole Time Slot

If you have a company event, birthday party, school field trip, or any other gathering where you want it just to be your group, we also offer full park buyouts. If your group is between 20, and 300 people, you can have it all to yourself! Call in and take advantage of this option for a night where it is exclusively your building!

If You Want To Have A Holiday Celebration

If you want to experience a special version of our indoor trampoline park, visit us during the holidays and the summer! We have a yearly Halloween Spooktacular, Christmas events, and more! The special events are not limited to the holidays! We have super hero events with special guests, as well as princes events, pajama parties, sponsored events for causes, and even summer camps! Be sure to check out flyingsquirrelsports.us/erie-pennsylvania/ or our facebook page regularly to see what we are up to!

Visit Our Indoor Trampoline Park Anytime!

There are different times to visit an indoor trampoline park, that cater to what you and your children are feeling at a given moment, to match each age group, personality type, or to enjoy an event or birthday party! Pick a time, and visit us! We are confident you will have a great time, and bring your friends when you come back the next time!