Swing Suite at Flying Squirrel LUTZ

Topgolf features a high-energy, interactive sports and social atmosphere that is changing the face of golf.  Players hit golf balls that track each shot's accuracy and distance while awarding points for hitting targets on the outfield.

The newest extension of Topgolf combines a simulated Topgolf experience with the luxurious atmospheres of hospitality and entertainment venues across the country.



When it comes to play, the possibilities are endless inside Swing Suite. Our interactive simulator offers a variety of golf and non-golf games. Go from smashing a 7-iron to striking out a batter with a fastball in a matter of minutes. It's all that and more when you step up to the big screen.




Baseball Pitching

Zombie Dodgeball

Carnival Classic

Hockey Shots

Topgolf is now making its successful guest experience available to hospitality entertainment locations everywhere. The Topgolf Swing Suite is a next-gen simulator lounge that brings the excitement, fun, and guest engagement of Topgolf to luxury hospitality and entertainment venues.

Since launching in 2017, Topgolf Swing Suite has become a popular destination for business and social gatherings. Guests can walk in or book a Topgolf Swing Suite for events including corporate events, birthday parties, viewing parties, bachelor and bachelorette parties, etc.

"Powered by industry-leading Full Swing simulators used by pros like Tiger Woods, Swing Suite is an immersive social experience that's fun for non-golfers and golfers alike, " said Topgolf Swing Suite President Ron Powers. "It's a perfect fit for hospitality entertainment venues seeking to expand guest engagement and maximize revenues."

Each Topgolf Swing Suite location features a massive screen with a variety of multi-sport games, as well as HDTVs, comfortable lounge seating and food and beverage offerings. Up to eight people can play, eat, drink and hang out in each bay.


60 Minutes/ $40.00

120 Minutes/ $80.00

180 Minutes/ $110.00

Clubs are included but we encourage you to dial in your game and bring a few clubs of your own!

Topgolf has top-of-the-line laser projectors that generates incredible image quality Topgolf games include 84 18-hole golf courses, various Topgolf games, QB football challenge, hockey skill shots, fast pitch baseball, zombie dodgeball & carnival games

Topgolf games attract all entertainment enthusiasts, rather than simply a golf audience like many other sim companies do

Topgolf games are designed to be played by 1-8 people, which creates an interactive social environment

Topgolf games are designed to be played in under 15 minutes

Average group dwell time is a little over 2 hours, which speaks to how engaging the games are

Topgolf is investing several million dollars/year into new game development

Topgolf is building out a network of venues that will be able to compete against one another in the future

Topgolf is able to use best practices between outdoor and indoor venues, that attracted 17MM customers in 2018 alone, to continue taking best practices and using those learnings to improve our venues


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