General Admission

Enjoy the whole Flying Squirrel experience!

$16 / 1 Hour

$21 / 1.5 Hours

$26 / 2 Hours

Not valid during Neon Lights*


Come Celebrate Your Birthday at Flying Squirrel visit our Parties Page to select the package that is right for you!

Reserve your party well ahead of time to ensure your dates aren't taken.

Arcade Games are not included.

All parties include 2 and a half hours of total party time, which includes 2 hours of jump time and half an hour for cake/presents.

Toddler Rates / Pass

$11 / hour

$88 / 10 Hour Value

Not valid during Neon Lights*

10-hour punch card for children ages 6 years and younger. The Toddler Pass can be used any day, any time, with no Toddler Time restrictions! The Toddler Passes do not expire.

Fitness Class / Pass

Love our TrampoLEAN fitness class? Purchase a 10-hour punch card and save big on our regular rates! The Fitness Passes do not expire.

$75 / 10 Hour Value

Saturdays: 9am - 10am

Sundays: 9am - 10am

Family Pass

10-hour punch cards are available for you and your immediate family (if you want to share!). Split up the Family Pass however you choose! The Family Passes do not expire.

$128 / 10 Hour Value

Neon Lights

Dance to the hottest music under the glow of the Neon Lights, every Friday & Saturday from 9pm to midnight! 3 hours of jump time for just $25!

Operating Hours

Coming Soon


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