Missoula Holiday Hours

  • Thursday October 17 10AM-9PM (No School)
  • Friday October 18th 10AM-Midnight (Neon Lights)
  • Saturday October 19th 10AM-Midnight (Neon Lights)
  • Sunday October 20th 10AM-9PM
  • October 21st-30th Fall Hours
  • Thursday October 31st Halloween (CLOSED)
  • November 1st-13th Fall Hours
  • Thursday November 14th 10AM-9PM (Half day school)
  • Friday November 15th 10AM-Midnight (Neon Lights)
  • Saturday November 16th 10AM-Midnight (Neon Lights)
  • Sunday November 17th 10AM-9PM
  • November 18th-26th Fall Hours
  • Wednesday November 27th 10AM-9PM (No school)
  • Thursday November 28th Thanksgiving CLOSED  (No School)
  • Friday November 29th 10AM-Midnight (No School) (Neon Lights)
  • Saturday November 30th 10AM-Midnight (Neon Lights)
  • Sunday December 1st 10AM-9PM
  • December 2nd-22nd Fall Hours
  • Monday December 23rd 10AM-9PM
  • Tuesday December 24th 10AM-5PM (Christmas Eve)
  • Wednesday December 25th CLOSED (Christmas Day)
  • Thursday December 26th 10AM-Midnight  (Neon Lights)
  • Friday December 27th 10AM-Midnight (Neon Lights)
  • Saturday December 28th 10AM – Midnight (Neon Lights)
  • Sunday December 29th 10AM-Midnight (Neon Lights)
  • Monday December 30th 10AM-Midnight (Neon Lights)
  • Tuesday December 31st 10AM-5PM (New Years Eve)
  • Wednesday Jan 1st 2pm-9pm (New Years Day)
  • March 13th Friday 10am - Midnight
  • March 16th Monday 10am - 9pm
  • March 17th Tuesday 10am - 10pm
  • March 18th Wednesday 10am - 10pm
  • March 19th Thursday 10am - 10pm
  • April 3rd Friday 10am - Midnight
  • May 22nd Friday 10am - Midnight

Operating Hours

Sunday - 10AM to 9PM
Monday - 10AM to 9PM
Tuesday - 10AM to 9PM
Wednesday - 10AM to 9PM
Thursday - 10AM to 9PM
Friday - 10AM to 10PM
Saturday - 10AM to 10PM

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